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My name is Eddie Evans and this is my biohazard cleanup web site.

I offer Live Oak families and businesses biohazard cleanup prices are much lower than my competitors, usually. I give a telephone quote and ask for an email. Once an email is received, I confirm a time for biohazard cleanup and return the email. A low price and not-to-exceed price are sent to the sender via email. I call the high quote a "not-to-exceed price. So if I say that "You have a not-to-exceed price of $900, then that will be the most I will charge for you biohazard cleanup service; it may not be $900 because it could be lower.


Live Oak Prices (Usually between $450 and $950, with exception for large caliber weapon injuries)

I have a minimum $450 blood cleanup fee for smaller San Diego blood cleanup services. When I can complete blood, biohazard cleanup in less than one hour or possibly within an additional 30 minutes, the job will be $450. When I arrive I should have a fairly good idea if I need to go over $450. Keep in mind, you will have given a "not-to-exceed" price in writing beforehand.

For example, today I quoted a $550 low price for a Live Oak unattended death cleanup with a not-to-exceed price of $700. The family paid the low quote, but only because I completed the biohazard cleanup in a very short time; more, only a few after death source materials needed removal. Sometimes I can remove 90 percent and more of blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) with a vacuum. This is because the "biohazard cleanup" was a simple blood cleanup.

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Blood Cleanup

Blood cleanup is a type of biohazard cleanup. So I also keep a San Diego blood cleanup web site.

Most Live Oak biohazard cleanup companies focus on human blood cleanup. Some include feces cleanup as an add-on. Others include both human blood cleanup related to filthy house cleanup and hoarding cleanup. As for the latter, sometimes filthy house cleanup includes hoarding cleanup where a death cleanup is underway.

However, though, typically, a Live Oak biohazard cleanup company will focus on human blood cleanup and death cleanup, unattended death cleanup. The money for death cleanup involving blood cleanup in Live Oak is ridiculously exorbitant.

My Live Oak biohazard cleanup services include all of the above under certain conditions. As conditions change from time to time.

Most often my biohazard work includes blood cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended death, and traumatic blood loss events. My blood cleanup includes feces cleanup as well, but not the other way around. When feces contains apparent blood contamination, then I may need to charge a blood cleanup fee; each job is a bit different. Feces cleanup is sometimes related to "incontinence" cleanup. The incontinence cleanup costs a minimum of $350 for most of Live Oak.

My fees for homicide, suicide, and unattended death throughout Live Oak much less than my competitors. Most of my competitors do not offer feces cleanup or incontinence cleanup.

Live Oak employees are known to refer Live Oak biohazard cleanup companies to families in need following homicide, suicide, or unattended deaths. Not only Live Oak employees are involved in this behavior. It occurs throughout the United States. Why?

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It's because of the homeowners insurance. Once human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV) became known throughout the United States, and safety emphasis was placed on blood cleanup, opportunities for scamming homeowners insurance grew.

It didn't matter of the blood cleanup was in the hospital, dental lab, or even the home. United States governments Occupational Safety and Health Administration became the legal body for administrating the rules for employee blood cleanup in the workplace. In the biohazard cleanup business, "workplace" includes homes and businesses. Hence, employees involved with blood or expected to become exposed to human blood are now required to have blood-borne pathogen training, available for $20 Online.

Then, biohazard cleanup companies conjured up safety requirements for blood cleanup.

Before long biohazard cleanup employees were seen wearing full-body personal protective gear. These "moon suits" resembled the MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) suits worn by military personnel as protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical elements. Now the stage was set to jack up blood cleanup invoices by biohazard cleanup companies.

Unattended death, homicide, suicide, and traumatic blood cleanup tasks were now charged by the thousands of dollars per day rather than the hundreds of dollars per day. To justify these exorbitant biohazard cleanup fees for all of Live Oak, employees were required to find reasons to cause "structural damage" to the premises. Otherwise, homeowners insurance would not apply to the blood cleanup.

Put another way, Live Oak biohazard cleanup employees were directed to damage floors, walls, and even ceilings to justify the need for homeowners insurance. Find even more useful biohazard cleanup information on this crime scene cleanup book web page. You see, homeowners insurance applies when there is structural damage, to be redundant. Well, when it comes the blood cleanup, there is no structural damage in many case. In fact, structural damage occurs in a small percentage of biohazard cleanup jobs.

So, when Live Oak residents make a biohazard cleanup call to me after calling other Live Oak biohazard cleanup companies, they become suspicious of my prices. Sometimes they ask, "Why are prices so much lower than the other Live Oak biohazard cleanup company prices?".

My answer is pretty much as above. In brief, these companies are scamming insurance companies and to do so they must cause structural damage. In this way Live Oak biohazard cleanup companies empower scandalous sums of money.

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I need to ask questions callers understand what I need to help them with their biohazard cleanup needs. So the following questions reflect what you can expect to hear on the telephone:

  • What city is the biohazard cleanup required?
  • What room or rooms is a biohazard cleanup required?
  • Who will make payment and how?
  • How much time to be allowed for this cleanup?
  • Is it in a house, condominium, apartment, recreational vehicle?
  • Is it on a first floor, second floor, or other?
  • Is there parking nearby?
  • Is the running water, electricity?
  • Do you want to use homeowners insurance?



I also do homeless cleanup, homeless encampment cleanup, filth cleanup, and more.

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